As of January 30, 2024, there have been 775 ballots submitted regarding the proposed amendment of the Lake Almanor County Club’s Bylaws to allow the Board of Directors to impose a Capital Contribution Fee charged to new owners. The existing Bylaws require the affirmative vote of a majority of the membership (916 yes votes) in order for the amendment to pass. Therefore, at its January 20th meeting, the Board voted to extend the election deadline to July 15, 2024, to allow additional time for ballots to be submitted. At that time, if the Board deems that a sufficient number of ballots have been cast, the votes will be counted by the Inspector of Elections and the membership will be informed of the outcome.
    Ballots were mailed to all members in early December, but if you have not received a ballot for any reason, please call the LACC office at (530) 596.3282 or email margo.ormiston@lacchoa.com to confirm your mailing address and to request a ballot. If you have not yet submitted your ballot, please do so at your earliest convenience so your vote can be counted.

Reminder Direct Mail Sent Re: Capital Contribution Fee

All members should have received a reminder direct mail piece encouraging you to vote on the Capital Contribution Fee Amendment. If you have voted, thank you. If not, please get your ballots in by January 30. If you didn’t receive this reminder and/or didn’t receive your ballot, please contact the LACC Admin Office at 530.596.3282 during office hours to confirm what mailing address information is on record and update if needed.