Lake Almanor Country Club is a designated FireWise Community. This means that by working together, we successfully completed the FireWise USA program’s annual requirements for 2023 and are a participating site in good standing throughout the 2024 calendar year. The certificate below may help you work with your insurance company to remain insured or purchase new homeowner’s insurance.

CLICK HERE for the Firewise Volunteer Hourly Worksheet. (Download and return your completed form to the LACC office or email This worksheet documents hours worked and funds spent by owners performing firewise work on their lot and in the community. These volunteer efforts count toward LACC’s continued certification as a Firewise Certified Community.

To download the 2023 FireWise Certificate (below):  Right-click the image, and select ‘Save image as…’ and select computer location for the file.

  • CODE RED IS GONE – GENASYS is the new replacement.
    Plumas County is using a new system to send emergency alerts to telephones. The county is no longer using the Code Red system and has recently switched to a similar system called GENASYS. Unfortunately, the fact that you were registered for Code Red does not transfer over to the new system, so we are starting over. And that means that we all will need to register with the new system if we are to receive those important safety messages. Here’s how to do that. You will need your cell phone number and a password of your choice to get registered. Once that is done you can add your e-mail address and landline-house phone as well.
  • 2021 Dixie Fire – Remembered